Dent Craft PDR

IMG 9253 2

Took the car to Dent Craft for some PDR.  Chad did a great job on a difficult body line dent. He also pulled a couple small dings on the right rear wheel well panel N/C.  Excellent work and Recommended.

IMG 9277

Not the Switch

My power window problem was the wiring between the drivers side door and body. Three breaks. $150. to diagnose and $300. to repair.

Driver Front Master Window Switch

236,292 km

Replaced the Master Window Switch.  OEM Honda 06358-SAA-406 from eBay for $55.75 USD shipped/imported. 

Pulled fueses & Relay. The windows worked then it didn’t… aaarrrggh… that means it wasn’t the switch.  S@!t

Summer Shoes

236,242 km

Put 4,342 km on the winters.

Back on the Bronze Enkei RPF1’s with the BFG G-Force Sport COMP-2. The BFGs were purchased April 6, 2016. This may be the last season for them, we shall see. Its the sixth summer of use.. 

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