Front Wheel Alignment


I redid my front wheel alignment to add more camber. Primarily to help with tire clearance on the front fenders. I bought an SPC camber bolt kit (81290) and had it installed at Advanced Automotive. I actually had the bolts since last fall but only decided to install it now.

I went from -0.2/-0.5 (L/R) to -1.7/-1.7. Toe kept at 0”. The negative camber is visually noticeable. More so than I thought -1.0 to -1.25 change would be. I should be good for tire clearance now.

See the Miscellaneous photos in the Albums section for photos of the wheels.

UPDATE (19-Sep-12):

More negative camber up front did the trick.. no more rubbing under any circumstances!

Rota Slipstreams


I discovered that Rota Slipstreams come in a 16x6.5 +45.

So I pulled the trigger and ordered a set in flat black. They’ll be my new summer wheels . Although, I still have to get tires (205/45R16’s).

The Rota Circuit 10’s will be my winter wheels.  The stock wheels stance is not very appealing after I got used to the Circuit 10’s.  16mm is huge.

So these are sitting in the box in my dining room until spring 2013.

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