Hood Liner


I took off the OEM hood liner. I did it so that the MouseBlocker I installed (that happens to be facing straight up) would work a bit better without the liner material absorbing any sounds.

Upon research, it serves no purpose other than engine bay sound deadening. For a car guy, engine noise is not necessarily noise.



I bought this hoping to keep the rats & mice away from hanging out on my battery... we shall see.  It’s installed right on top of the battery and wired directly. I have not (yet) installed the accessory wire so it’s always ON.

I also removed the hood liner so that it would not absorb the sound from the MouseBlocker.

Update: 9-Sep-15

Well overnight some various crap appeared on my battery.  No droppings but still.. it doesn’t work 100%.

Flat Tire..


I heard a strange clicking sound from the right rear end of the car when I drove off... I stopped to take a quick look in the trunk and checked the wheel nuts but that wasn’t the problem. By the time I got to my destination the right rear tire was flat and I happened to see the screw sticking out. Ugh.  First time I’m using the compact spare. It looks ridiculous.

UPDATE: August 10, 2015

I brought the car in first thing in the morning to 1010Tires on Marine Drive. They got me going fast.. maybe like 10-15 minutes. It cost $25. plus tax to patch and re&re/balance.

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