I wanted a four door hatchback for day to day utility with excellent fuel economy.  But it also had to look and be sporty. If I found a 2009+ Sport (GE8) for the right price I would have gone for that. 

The Honda Fit is classified as a sub-compact with 2550 litres of passenger volume.  It has a 1.5L four with 109 bhp (@ 5800 rpm) and 105 ft-lb torque (@ 4800 rpm). It’s published weight is 2471 lbs. That’s not a lot of power but I found it fine around town and on the highway with no problems keeping up with 70-80mph.  Remember, I chose this car for it’s fuel economy and not for power or speed.  The original EPA fuel rating was 33/38, their revised numbers are 28/34. One the first tank or two I calculated a combined mileage of around 22mpg (11 L/100km). Huh? I don’t exactly know what caused that but the car now consistently gets 28mpg (8.5 L/100km) combined.  My guess was that I was getting acquainted with driving this type of car after owning and aggressively driving a Nissan Xterra for almost 9 years. 

Although small on the outside, the space inside is efficiently designed.  I find the front seats comfortable and they look good to boot..  Adjusted for my driving preference, I can sit in the back seat with plenty of leg room.  Head room is not an issue as the interior space is quite airy with good visibility all around.  The rear “magic seats” are brilliant.  They can fold up for extra storage or fold down and completely flat.  A  bicycle with the front wheel removed can fit in this space with the seats folded up.  The front seats can be slid forward from behind allowing the rear headrests to tuck under them.  They can also be reclined relatively flat.

The Sport trim level was chosen as it had all the options: 200-watt stereo, A/C, power windows and locks, 15” alloy wheels and the body kit.  What’s missing from the standard options?  Floor mats (but the all season mats came with car) and a cargo tonneau cover (which I purchased online).  Interior fit and finish is clean and simple.  Plastics and materials look decent.  Only complaint maybe the carpeting, which is noticeably thin.  There are adequate cup holders, storage bins, pockets and a decent sized glove box but it lacks a lock.  The driver side sun visor has a mirror but the passenger does not (available as an $$ JDM option).  The stereo is pretty good and has an AUX input jack for MP3 players.  Too bad it lacks a USB jack (which is available on 2009+ Fit).  I had gotten used to a USB connection for my iPod on my aftermarket head units.

The Fit does not have a dead pedal and although my previous Xterra did not have one too, I wish the GD3 did.  Not too much of a problem as I purchased the Zeta Products dead pedal (they have since been discontinued).

So, how does it drive?

The Fit Sport has a firm ride and excellent handling.  I was quite impressed on how well it handles completely stock, and the tires are only Bridgestone Turanza’s in 195/55R15.  I do not find the ride too hard but this is completely subjective as I prefer handling and am willing to sacrifice cushiness.  Most people would find the stock ride pretty firm. But I’ve got a 92 MR2 with an aftermarket suspension that pretty much rides like a Go Kart. The Fit is soft compared to the Two.

Of course, the Fit will not stay stock in the handling department. It will be lowered and better wheels & tires will be purchased.

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