Replaced Cabin Filter


Replaced the in-cabin air filter today (Part # 80291-SAA-J01) at 87,585 km.  Purchased last year from College Hills Honda. I already have a spare purchased from for next year and it only cost $21.56

Interior Cabin Air Filter Part # 80291-SAA-J01

$39.99 @ Richmond Honda  (plus tax)

$23.39 @

Sold Stock Rims


My winter tires were mounted on the stock 15x6 alloys.  I dismounted the tires and remounted them on the Rota Circuit 10’s. Keep the original alloys or sell???

I could keep them and store them for whenever I sell the Fit. But with no mounted tires, it would cost at least $60. just to mount some tires on it. I know I never want to see them on the car again. +55 offset. YUK. 6” wide. meh.

So, I put the stock alloys on Craigslist for cheap ($175.).  I got plenty of responses and sold them for asking.

Replaced Wiper Blades


Replaced the wiper blades with OEM inserts from   Metal inserts in original blades are reused.

Installed at 87170 km.

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