Replacement wheel


On a road trip to Seattle, I cracked one of my rims hitting a highway repaving road lip. Ouch. I was near Marysville at the time. I didn’t realize the extent of the damage until we were in Seattle a couple days later. We got to Seattle (Bellevue) fine but I guess the extended drive on the crack made it open up more and made the leak worse. By the next morning the tire was flat. Inspected the tire and all looked good. Ok, pump it up at the nearby gas station but this time I could feel something off in the steering when I drove it. I stopped and found the tire flat again. Again, no tire damage found. After putting on the spare, I finally noticed that the inside of the wheel of the flat was cracked!

I debated repairing or replacing but since it was a Rota and was pretty inexpensive, the cost of a repair would exceed the cost of a new wheel. So I ordered a new wheel from aspecwheels on eBay. $147 USD shipped to Blaine. Only thing was, nobody imported 16x6.5 4x100 +45 wheels anymore.

I ended up having to get a 16x7 4x100 +40. It works, especially since I also decided to use the Slipstreams for my winter wheels.

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