Door Defender


My passenger door got a nasty ding... right on the body line too. I know that can be difficult to repair. Of course, I just couldn’t leave it alone and within a couple days of occurring I had it repaired at They did a fantastic job as it looks brand new. I had a couple other minor dings in the same door. I’m just amazed at what PDR can do with the right technician (Ray Tran was awesome).

So now my door is like brand new.. and I’m paranoid.

So I googled door protectors and quickly found some options. I went for the “Door Defender” and ordered from the Canadian distributor.  Chose silver to match the car. Within four days it was in my hands courtesy of FedEx, and that was on a second delivery attempt.

Not sure yet how often I’ll use it. For sure when I’m parked at home but how often when I go out? Expensive for what it is? That’s relative. But it does look nice and well made. I figure it should only be like $25-30. But I’m a bit obsessive with my car.

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