Back On Summer Tires


I missed the grip of summer tires...

195/55R15 EuroWinters are way narrower than the S.drives in the same size. BIG difference.

205/45R16 S.drives are even wider and beefier than the 195/55R15 Yoko’s. I’m glad I put in the camber bolts up front because I’m sure they’d crazy rub on stock -0.2 camber.

New Summer Tires


I decided to put on my Rota Slipstreams.

I wanted Yokohama’s in 205/45/R16. I was going to just pick them up at Volco but when I called I was told they’d have to order them in for me and it would take 7-10 business days but to expect 2 weeks.

Since I wanted the summer wheels & tires on before I went to Portland on the 17th, I decided to try ordering from I placed the order around noon March 11th and they estimated it would be delivered (by UPS) to my Blaine address by Wednesday the 13th. Cool.

The tires did arrive on the 13th and I got an email from Pacific Mail & Parcel stating they were ready for pickup!  I drove down & picked them up Friday morning on the 15th.

I also made an online appointment with Volco Vancouver to have them mounted on the Saturady the 16th.

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