My GD3


Around March of 2011, I thought seriously of selling my 2003 Nissan Xterra XE.  I’ve always liked my truck but it’s fuel economy was always a negative. And now with Regular over $1.32/L and my personal situation, keeping a truck as a daily driver with mostly city driving didn’t make too much sense.  The final push was the failure of my transmissions’ first gear and the cost to fix it.  So, while I had the vandalism on the truck fixed and the re&re of the transmission with a second hand unit, I started shopping for a new car.

What I needed was good fuel economy and four doors. Sporty would be nice. And I didn’t want to spend too much money initially so it had to be second hand and relatively close to whatever I could get for my truck.  I narrowed my search to small four door hatchbacks.  Alphabetically: Honda Fit, Mazda3, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris.  I did my research and the GD3 Fit won because of fuel economy, handling and those “Magic Seats”.  It needed to be the Sport model, 5 speed of course and in silver or white. The Mazda3 was nice but outside the budget I set. The Versa was a bit blah for my tastes and the Yaris was just too small.

I found & purchased a 2007 Honda Fit Sport in Storm Silver Metallic from Regency Volkswagen in Coquitlam.  I traded in my truck for the Fit.  At delivery, the Fit had 56,498km. 

GD3 is the chassis code for 2007-2008 Honda Fits.  2009-2012 Fits are  referred to as GE8’s. 2013-2019s are GKs.

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