Recall & Drive Shafts..


Safety Recall: Power Window Master Switch May Not Work

Finally addressing the Safety recall on the Power Window Master Switch... I received the notification back in August 2013 with parts to “become available in the fall of 2013”.  Kingsway Honda didn’t get them until about December and I was just too busy to address it then.

My switch wasn’t giving me any problems but it’s a safety recall and the identified problem is a risk of overheating and fire.


Drive Shafts..

I noticed a clicking/clunking noise a few weeks back when making tight left turns. Especially under full lock. And it only made the sound when moving forward.. Turning right seemed to be ok. I initially thought it was my intake rubbing and adjusted that. But it wasn’t. New passenger side drive shaft required. $553.69  (44305-SLN-A00) Driveshaft Assembly, Right.  $140. to install.

Picked up the car on my way to lunch and immediately noticed that the steering wheel was way off.. at least 20˚ or so to the left to drive straight! Called the my service advisor (Dora) right away and brought it back after eating. They fixed it.  Steering wheel pointed straight...

But I got to thinking what they were talking about an aftermarket knuckle bolt. What’s that? I did not clue in at the time. I looked up the front strut schematics and Honda describes it as flange bolt. Oh, now I know what they were referring to. I call it a camber or cam bold. Oh crap. That means the alignment was messed up. Took a look at the wheel and noticed it immediately. It was obvious the camber on the passenger side was close to zero degrees. Great.. need to head back to Honda tomorrow.

January 9, 2014

Ok, Dora wasn’t in but Henry took care of me. I explained what was going on and he right away took care of it. No push back on the aftermarket part or anything. Well that was pleasant. I had to leave the car there for a couple hours. I got a lift from them to and from the College. Nice.

I returned and got my car back to my satisfaction.

They did a computerized front wheel alignment. Back to -1.7˚ right front (and left!). It was at -1.5˚/0.0˚ L/R. Interesting that on the printout it now shows the front camber to be out of factory specification.  Spec is -1.0˚ to 1.0˚

Thank you Kingsway Honda Service!

February 11, 2014

The clunking/clicking noise came back and I brought it to Honda again...

Long story short... it wasn’t the drive shaft. It was the 3mm aluminum spacer on the right front wheel that was not true. Big thanks to the knowledgeable Honda tech who noticed that the sound was coming from the wheel and not the shaft.  The sound was completely different from outside the car!

Great. I replaced a drive shaft when I didn’t have to.  Live and learn... live & learn.

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