Replace Air Filter


HKS filter last replaced at 147,798 km last April 25, 2015. 

19,577 km, 14 months ago...

For reference, the previous interval was was 12 months and about 27,000 km’s.

Roof Box


I originally planned to get the Thule Force M 624 as I thought that would be an ideal size for my Honda Fit. But after speaking with a sales rep, he assured me that a larger box would easily fit and offer more versatility. Also, the boxes displayed in the showroom appeared larger than they really are. So, we tried on a Force XL 625 and it looked really good. I also tried on a Force L 628 and that was fine too. I ended up choosing the XL 625 as I wanted to get the longest box and didn’t want to regret getting something smaller. The XL 625 holds 17 cubic feet.

Again, this was not inexpensive. But the quality shows.

I could have likely saved a few hundred dollars if I wasn’t in a hurry and waited for a demo model…

Roof Rack


I finally bit the bullet and purchased my Thule Roof rack from the RackAttack Vancouver store.

The components are:

480R Rapid Traverse Foot Pack

1312 Traverse Fit Kit

ARB47B 47” AeroBlade Black

544 4-pack Lock Cores

Not inexpensive by any means, at a cost of over $700. taxes in. But I’m very happy with the quality and fit/finish. I do not notice any increased wind noise and the AeroBlades do not require a wind screen.

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