Clay Bar


I don’t think I’ve ever clay bared the GD3.  The weather is perfect so why not?
So smooth after. I need to get more liquid wax. I think it’s more durable than the spray was.

New Cabin Filter


The last log entry for this replacement was December 28, 2013 at 116,748 km. Is that accurate? Did I miss a year? The filter does look really dirty...

Part # 80291-SAA-J01



B Service performed at Kingsway Honda. $238.88 plus tax.

Note that the Brake & Clutch fluids were flushed & replaced ($100/$90 respectively).

Drivers Side Skirt


Ouch. This happened on January 22, 2016. I tried to squeeze between the tree an my mums Subaru. Epic fail, I didn’t think about the raised asphalt around the tree and scraped up my side skirt. Facepalm.

I immediately ordered the OEM replacement side skirt (pre-finished) from Kingsway Honda. It cost  $343.35 plus tax.

I finally installed the new skirt today. It turned out to be way easier than I thought. There was only really one screw to remove.. at the front wheel well. The skirt is held on by three body push pins and just slides forward to pop off.  Installation was simply the reverse.

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