Tire Rotation


Tire Rack recommends tire rotations every 3000 - 5000 miles (4828 - 8047 km’s).  This is confirmed with other sources.

These tires were installed new on March 16, 2013 at 95,205 km, so in four months I’ve already put on 9,456 km.  Time for a rotation for sure. I can actually see a difference in tread depth and edge wear.  I’ll monitor mileage more closely in the future.

Hondata goodness


I got in on this A&J Racing group buy via on April 19, 2013. Hondata FlashPro for USDM 2007-08 Honda Fit.  It’s basically, an engine computer tuner that allows me to modify/tune the GD3’s ECU.

A&J Racing received them a few weeks back but I just picked it up today at their shop...

Now what?



Stopped by the usual Chevron on H Street in Blaine after picking up some goodies at Pacific Mail & Parcel.

The station had no 87 or even 89.  Only Supreme at 92 Octane.  Not 91 like in Canada but 92. And it was on sale.  $4.099. Which converted is something like 1.082/L. For premium gas.

Well how could I not?

So, I’m going to see how 91+ octane does in my GD3. We shall see...

Progress Bar


I went to Blaine to pick this up today...

Progress Rear Anti-Roll Bar or more commonly known as the Progress RSB.  Again, another thing I’ve bought that I thought I wasn’t going to go into.

Purchased online from Club RSX or more specifically  $158. shipped (shipping was free in the continental US).

I need to find a hydraulic jack to install this

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