I took my car to Fairlane Collision on 16-Dec-11.

I’ve had satisfactory experience with this body shop in the past and they did not disappoint with this repair. The dent repair and paint refinishing/blending was very satisfactory. The drivers side headlamp was completely replaced.  I also had them refinish and paint the scratched rear bumper outside the ICBC claim.  An additional $300. cash.  I was surprised that the entire front bumper and front lip was refinished and repainted.  Bonus! The craftsmanship is excellent as the bumpers look brand new.

I picked up the car on 22-Dec-11.  Very clean inside & out. Even the snow tires were dressed.

Fender bender


I got into car accident today. My first EVER at-fault.

For some reason, I failed to notice the heavy traffic slowdown until it was too late. 

I was going south on Knight street and just got on the bridge heading over to Richmond. The Civic in front of me in the passing lane braked hard. I did the same but realized I wasn’t going to be able to stop so in the last second I tried to swerve around him.  This was hampered by the fact that there were cars in the right lane so I ended up clipping his right rear bumper as I tried to squeeze my car between the lanes. I guess the positive thing is that I minimized the severity of the accident by swerving and not squarely rear-ending the Civic.

My ICBC claim centre visit was on 15-Dec-11.  Repair & repaint quarter panel, replace headlamp. About three days work and $1400. estimated damage. My insurance rate goes up 3 steps from -20 to -17.  Still 43% discount but will pay about $6 more next year.

Brought the car to Fairlane Collision on 16-Dec-11.

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