Door dings are an unfortunate reality with a daily driven car... even when one is careful how & where one parks.  That’s one thing I missed from driving a truck. I didn’t have to worry about door dings from cars (trucks were simple & easy to avoid).

The golf sized dent/ding above occurred when I was parallel parked in the west end. My guess is that it’s from a taxi or something letting out passengers. f*ck3rs. Hello karma? Would you take care of this for me?

So, I took the car back to Dent King due to past very satisfactory experiences. I briefly contemplated trying Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair, they have rather good Google reviews and it’s close to work. But I decided to go with what I know.. Dent King.

$168. (including tax) later, it’s like the dent never happened. That’s the price of being an “ocd” car guy. Another satisfied customer.

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