Within the last couple weeks the car has felt rather poorly. I was getting intermittent stumbling before.. mostly at idle or between 2000 to 3000 rpm. But just recently it seemed to be happening MUCH more frequently and across all rev ranges. The loss of power is noticeable when this occurs.

After some research, it seemed likely the culprit were my ignition coils.  This was confirmed when I got an oil change last week and Honda suggested I get it looked at.  I also confirmed it with my HONDATA FlashPro and I saw error codes on ALL cylinders.  Since I was around 150K, I decided to get some Denso IK22‘s spark plugs. I was going to do the spark plugs with new ignition coils. But, it got so bad I couldn’t wait for the plugs to arrive and bought four coils from Kingsway Honda. $121.19 each. Ouch.  They cost $71.19 USD from, so it would have cost about $300. (with shipping & handling and converted to CDN). I could have saved $80-100 buying online. Oh well.

But, I needed replacements quick...

It was easy to unbolt & unplug the existing coils and drop in the new ones. I wasn’t sure what to torque the bolts but I’ll double check that.

The car drives & feels GREAT!  No more misfires, stumbling or hesitations! Even at the cost, it was a must repair and should be done across the board. I’m somewhat surprised that the Honda service advisor did not suggest replacing all the coils at the same time.  If one (or two) is failing, why leave any unchanged given their age?

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