I started shopping for a new car around the spring of 1991.  I had specific criteria to fill... I wanted a sports car and in my book that meant that the rear wheels had to be driven.  And I wanted it in black.  At the time I was simply obsessed by this colour and didn't even consider any other. 

The new cars that I looked at that were in my price range were the Eagle Talon, the Mazda Miata, the Nissan 240SX and the Toyota MR2.  I read and studied everything I could find about these cars.  Strange thing though, I only test drove the 240SX and the MR2.  I should have test drove all the cars.

The Eagle Talon TSi AWD was fast and well... all wheel drive (the Mitsubishi Eclipse was not yet sold in Canada).  But I was fixated on a black car and the black 91's were painted silver all along the bottom of the car.. the air dam, side skirts and rear valance.  I didn't like the two tone look.

The Mazda Miata was a true sports car.  But I wanted a roof.  I wasn't much interested in a convertible.  There was the optional hardtop, but that was $1,500. extra.  And... black was not a 91 Miata colour.  I do wish I had taken one out for a test drive.  Who knows.

The Nissan 240SX looked nice and sporty.  A hatchback 2+2, it felt very familiar inside.  But when I drove an SE, I was put off by what seemed like an expansive hood and it also didn't feel all that quick.  The KA24DE motor was underpowered. It would have been totally different if Nissan sold it with the JDM SR20DET.

The Toyota MR2 had the sleek styling and mid-engine exotica.  I didn't find anything I did not like about it.  My mind was made up.  I decided on a naturally aspirated "base" MR2, black of course.  I skipped the options package since it included stuff I wasn't interested in (and it saved a few bucks).  At the time, I already had an 89 Honda CBR600 that I used for my speed thrills.   So, I passed on the MR2 Turbo.  The fact that it was about $5,000. more didn't help.  A big OOOPS...

But by the time I decided, there were no black "base" NA MR2s left in BC!  So on June 12, 1991,  I ordered one from the factory thru Kingsway Lexus Toyota (now Regency Toyota).  It didn't arrive at the dealer until October 15, 1991.  I took delivery on October 17.  I was now the proud owner of a 1992 Toyota MR2!

In retrospect I chose the right car for myself.  The only thing I would have changed would have been to buy the Turbo... in white. Or traded it in for a ’93 White Turbo in late ‘93 early ’94.  I missed out on the power and black looks great, probably the best looking, but it is a LOT of work to keep it looking good.



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