Replaced RH Fog Lamp

The original passenger side (RH) Fog Lamp got cracked. It appeared to be a rock hit. I’m not sure when it happened though.

I found a new lamp assembly from  New Toyota part - non steering, clear with bulb. £128. plus shipping. Pricey but what can you do for discontinued parts? I think it was their last one because it’s was out of stock after I completed my order. I would have ordered a LH Lamp assembly if they also had that in stock. 

OEM style Lamp assemblies are available for about half the price (LH & RH set). But, I wanted OEM. I looked at Used options on eBay but didn’t find any decent ones that weren’t damaged somehow.

IMG 7411

May 2020

Insured the car today. Covid brought cheap gas.. sub 1.00/L but no meets to drive to.  Fcvk you covid.

118,117 km

IMG 7045a

Last Drive of 2019

Nice long Sunday drive to Cars & Coffee at Colussus Langley Cinemas. Great weather and temperature nice and cool for the turbo. The MR2’s last drive before the insurance expired.

Alarm Remote

Installed new BR1225 Lithium batteries in my one and only VSE Derringer/2 Remote. It has been ages since the batteries were replaced. I’m hoping it will make it operate more consistently. I also cleaned the contacts while i had it opened up.

August 3, 2019

Oil Change

117,067 km

Oil Change for the MR2. Overdue. Not changed since picked up at TSS @ 112,608 km on October 2017.  Put on 4,459 km (2771 mi) since then.  Just under the 3,000 mi recommendation from Prime.

Why blogged? This is the FIRST time I’ve EVER changed the oil in the MR2 myself. The last time I changed the oil of a car I owned was when I regularly did it for my first car.. a 1978 Toyota Celica GT. All my subsequent vehicles oil changes have always been done by a dealership or shop.

It took me a while for my first MR2 oil change. Warm up the engine oil for 10 minutes. I put the car on 4 jack stands. Remove the right rear wheel. Remove an underbody panel. I used a Toyota filter + Toyota crush washer. I swapped out the Oil drain plug with a GReddy Magnetic drain plug. Put everything back together and drop her back down on the ground. And finally put in new Shell Rotella T6 5W40 Full Synthetic Oil.

A 3S-GTE uses 4 quarts (3.8L) on oil changes. I think Ill just do this once a year.


IMG 4969

June 29, 2019 at 5:00 PM


116,274 km

Bought Basic ICBC insurance for seven monts (end of October) yesterday. Car is ready to go!

I wanted to mount the Advan’s but simply didn’t have the time.

IMG 4210

Swap Anniversary

116,197 km

It’s been One Year since I took the MR2 home from The Speed Syndicate after it’s JDM Gen4 3S-GTE swap. 

It was a good year.  I’ve gotten used to the initial shock of the power “bump”.  300 crank HP in a sub 2800 lb car doesn’t seem so outrageous anymore. My new normal... and it’s glorious.  A lot of smiles per kilometer.

I even entered the car for my first car show, the annual All Japanese Classic. I also volunteered during the show. I’ve been to show & shines in the past but having a motor I can be proud of was icing. Opening up the hood and showcasing my clean & detailed bay added another layer of ownership gratification.

Car is now parked and stored for the winter.

Clutch Pedal Pin Replaced

115,197 km

I replaced the Clutch clevis pin, plastic bushing and washer with OEM parts.  

Pin 90240-08071

Washer. 90206-08001

Bush 90386-08054

I thought that this was the cause of the intermittent clunking/clinking noise when I depressed the clutch. At first, it felt & sound like it worked! But after a short trip to and from my kids school the noise was still there. Then I clean the clutch piston this pin was attached to and it seemed to help. We shall see…


I brought the car back to TSS for a general checkup. Initially, it was to fix a very LOUD squealing belt when moving from a standstill. Totally annoying. Then I noticed oil drips on the garage floor cardboard.

TSS adjusted the belts to eliminate the squeal and the oil leak was coming from the driver’s side axle seal. N/C for this visit.


April 18, 2018

TSS replace the axle seals and topped up with Redline MT-90 gear oil. Material replaced under warranty, just had to pay labour.

Out of Hibernation

112,823 km

I insured the MR2 for 7 months today, until October 29, 2018.

My “new” SW21 MR2 Turbo! Great to be behind the wheel again. I still need to setup the Greddy EBC though. It’s simply a boost gauge at the moment.

On a side note, the warm idle hunting issue has been resolved! As per suggestions, I removed, cleaned & reinstalled the Idle Air Control valve (IACV). No change. I swapped out the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS #89452-35020) and Fixed!  TPS are unique to each generation 3S-GTE. See for photos.

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