What’s new with the GD3…      


Headlight Refresh

Last headlight polish was June 2019.

I purchased sanding pads for my TorqX polisher.  2000 & 3000 grit. I sanded the headlights and followed up with a polish using Hex Logic Yellow (Heavy Cutting) pad. Then I used Mothers CMX on the headlights.  Picture below is just the headlights polished.  Let’s see how long before they yellow again.. 

Later I polished the whole car and followed up with the Mothers CMX.

IMG 7021

Summer Wheels

226,810 km

Put the RPF1’s back on the car. Then washed her.

Took her for a short drive. Always a joy to go for a drive after a fresh car wash.


IMG 6851

New Wiper Inserts

226,705 km

Replaced the wiper blade inserts today.

76622-SLN-A01  Rubber, Blade 600mm

76632-S2K-004  Rubber, Blade 400mm

76632-SEC-A11  Rubber, Blade 350mm 

New wiper blades all around. Last replaced Oct.2 8, 2018. 

Back on Winters

221,451 km

I’m back on my Winter wheels & tires. Rota Slipstreams & Pirelli Cinturatos.

I rubbed on the front right fender liner doing a quick left hand turn this morning. I should probably take off the 3mm spacer on that wheel. (My 16x7 +40 replacement wheel).

IMG 5650

Wrap Rear Spoiler

I wrapped the top of my Carbon Fiber Duckbill Spoiler with VViViD XPO Carbon Fiber Vinyl. The 5ft x 1ft roll cost $15.88 CDN.

The clear spray I did last summer oxidized terribly and I had to sand it off. The spoiler looked pretty ratty. So I thought I’d try a Vinyl wrap. I went with a matte Carbon Fiber (look). 

First time working with vinyl wrap and the results are not bad. I overstretched a section and left a couple small creases. But after a day in the sun the creases shrunk away! Unfortunately, the wrap was scuffed a couple places when my canopy blew over in high winds.

Headlights Polished

IMG 4954

My headlights were getting oxidized and yellow again..

Dug out the Simoniz Headlight Restoration Kit and polished away.  2000, 4000, 6000 grit sanding pads followed by the compound with the polish pad. Repeat. Done.  

Done by hand but next time I want to use a polisher.

Amazon filter


This cabin filter was purchased from

UAC FI 1181C Cabin Air Filter

$14.76 CDN shipped to my door (Prime)

The NanoFlo filter I last used is $6.98 USD free shipping but add on the $4. TSB fee will make it pretty much the same price as this filter in CDN.



A bit late in April to put on the summer wheels & tires but I’ve been busy of late.

The winters were put on at 207,738 km, so I put on 7,690 km on them this past winter season. The tire’s first season 2017-2018 saw 8,448 km.

New Bumper*


*New Looking actually...

I finally made a claim with ICBC from an accident from November 2017.  It was a small (< 3cm) puncture/scratch with additional scratches along the front of the lip. For the $300 deductible, the entire front bumper and front lip was refinished.

Looks Nice and New!

Second time refinished since purchased in 2011. How long before I scrape the bottom of the low lip?

New Wiper Blades..


76622-SLN-A01  Rubber, Blade 600mm

76632-S2K-004  Rubber, Blade 400mm

76632-SEC-A11  Rubber, Blade 350mm

New wiper blades all around. Last replaced Oct. 8, 2016. 171,536 km ago.

Long overdue.

Of course, an immediate improvement. Smooth, streak-free & quiet.

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