What’s new with the GD3…      


Replaced Intake Filter

237,885 km

Was cleaning the garage and came across my stash of HKS PowerFlow (Green) Filters.  Decided it was time to replace…

Last replaced April 2018 at 199,553 km. Old filter element didn’t look that bad considering the mileage!

That headlight bolt needs a cleanup. 

IMG 9395

Headlight Polish

237,716 km

Polished the headlights… the Torq-X made quick work of the task. Last done May 2020. I should do this more than once a year.

Quick & easy.. no more than 5 minutes each side. 2000 grit polish x2. Yellow pad polish x2. Then wax & microfibre cloth.


IMG 9365


IMG 9367

Dent Craft PDR

IMG 9253 2

Took the car to Dent Craft for some PDR.  Chad did a great job on a difficult body line dent. He also pulled a couple small dings on the right rear wheel well panel N/C.  Excellent work and Recommended.

IMG 9277

Not the Switch

My power window problem was the wiring between the drivers side door and body. Three breaks. $150. to diagnose and $300. to repair.

Driver Front Master Window Switch

236,292 km

Replaced the Master Window Switch.  OEM Honda 06358-SAA-406 from eBay for $55.75 USD shipped/imported. 

Pulled fueses & Relay. The windows worked then it didn’t… aaarrrggh… that means it wasn’t the switch.  S@!t

Summer Shoes

236,242 km

Put 4,342 km on the winters.

Back on the Bronze Enkei RPF1’s with the BFG G-Force Sport COMP-2. The BFGs were purchased April 6, 2016. This may be the last season for them, we shall see. Its the sixth summer of use.. 


233,190 km

Honda Service A ($79.88) at Kingsway Honda Vancouver.

Replace Transmission Fluid ($120.88).  Last done March 1, 2017 which was also when the last Coolant change was done.

New Honda Battery (31500-SLN-H360) $184.99 + $10. core from the Parts Department. Curious that Service stated that my existing  Self-installed and save $35.

Battery last replaced September 30, 2015. Over 5 years which is what they’re rated for!

Bye Bye Summer

IMG 8408

231,900 km

Back on the Rota Slipstreams & Pirelli Cinturato’s. Kept the spacers on the car.

Only 5,090 km put on the summers. Inside camber wear is showing.. maybe one more summer before new tires?

Replace Cabin Filter

IMG 8326

231,611 km

Replaced the cabin filter with an ATP HA9 Premium carbon fitler. Purchased from for $12.14 CAD.

Filter last changed May 24, 2019.

Refinished Dead Pedal

My Zeta dead pedal was looking pretty sad with all the rust. It was installed July 2011. It’s only looked real bad in the last couple years or so..

IMG 7437

I had refinish it for me. He has a strong reputation in the car community and he offers one stop service. Chemical strip, media blasting and powder coating. Dropped off 6-Jul-2020.

IMG 7462

IMG 7465

IMG 7474

Picked up and installed 9-Jul-2020. Fast turn around, great results. $210. taxes in. Chemically stripped ($50), sand-blasted ($50) then powder coated ($100).  The dead pedal looks good as new!

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